The Follies come out, tomorrow…

Retrieval tomorrow morning.
Sigh. When they’re all still in there, nothing can go wrong…

Out here in the big bad world – big bad things can happen to them – and I can’t protect them any more.

The one thing I think having Bubble has done for me in this cycle is make me acutely aware of the potential in each of the Follies. Last time there was an over arching sense, a vague sense of what they might become and what that meant to me.

Now there is concrete proof of what’s in those little fellers. And what I’ll lose with every one that ceases to grow as we wait to transfer.

That is, if we get any to fertilize and thrive at all.

Gawd. Stupid unknown. Stupid secondary infertility. Which doesn’t feel all that different from the primary infertility that put me in the same retrieval-eve panic what seems like yesterday.

I’ll let you know how it goes once I know.

It’s only a day away.

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