All in one basket…

Phew. It’s been hurry up and wait around here.

Which gives me that feeling you get when you’re in a cab with one of those drivers who floors the gas then slams the breaks again and again.

We’re on the bcp and had our treatment plan appointment today…along with the pretty bad results of my amh test. I scored 8-which, on our clinic scale means low. I was told to expect 4 eggs for the cycle. 4 little eggs.

All the hope I have for a bubsib rests on what is predicted to be 4 sweet little eggies.

And, given the low number, I’m on a very long bcp suppression protocol. So about 10 more weeks of the pill.
Start. Stop. Go. Slow.

It feels like bad news. Like the hope…well, it doesn’t have a hope.

Setback, before I’ve even really started. Boo. I should have listened to all those who warn you not to put all your eggs in one basket.



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6 responses to “All in one basket…

  1. janice

    what was it before Bubs? And why all of a sudden is it so low?

    • Onepinkline

      Hey Janice – they didn’t do that test the last time. It’s some new science. So there’s no way to compare. But – even with 0 lupron – there’s little chance we’ll get more than 4-6. So last time the thought was that we were over-suppressed. But it could be that there was no way to stimulate more.

  2. 10 more weeks of suppression, I’m not sure how I would stay sane with a protocol that long, at least it’s BCP and not injections.

    I’m so sorry the news from the AMH was not as good as you’d hoped.

  3. Lisa

    All it takes is one. Remember, without hope you wouldn’t have Bubble. Best of luck!

  4. The Barreness

    I had only 4 eggs collected my first cycle, and from that only 1 blast. She’s now 17 months old… 🙂

  5. Are you doing an antagonist protocol? I was also told I would only have a handful of eggs and that I would be a poor responder. I started taking DHEA, wheatgrass and Royal Jelly as soon as I got that news. My RE was very surprised that I ended up with 9 eggs and that 8 of them were mature. I just got the call this morning that 7 of them have fertilized. ;o)

    Hope you are as pleasantly surprised on retrieval day as I was! Good Luck.

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