13 Vials

Ok – so 13 vials of blood drawn, one discussion with RE, 2 prescriptions, 3 extra vitamin supplements, 1 sono booked, 1 follow-up booked and one day 3 ultrasound and blood draw booked…for tomorrow.

Looks like it’s go time…though with a long bcp leadup (and no lupron!).

We have till monday to decide if we’re in this quick or we need more time. I have to discuss with Husband but I suspect we’re in. I mean really – with 13 vials of blood missing it’s easy to get a little loopy.

We follow up in 2 weeks for the rest of the plan.

Lets hope this time 13 vials means 13 eggs. In 13 weeks. Give or take.


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One response to “13 Vials

  1. janice

    Ohh it was the 11th! Something made me think it was the 16th and I put it in my calender haha!

    Wow! How did it feel? Was it easier? Were you more anxious??

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