So Long

Not so long as in good bye. So long since I have written a post.

Thought today was a fitting day to check in – the Bubble had his first full day in child care today.

So hard to believe all these weeks and months have passed and I head back to work on monday. Crazy.

The Bubble is a perfect little rascally, funny, cuddly, biting, scratching, chatting, occasionally stepping, still not through-the-night sleeping, peek-a-booing, if-you’re-happy-and-you-know-it-hand-clapping wunderkind and I think about him just about every minute he’s away.

I didn’t cry once today so I think the transition is working.

I just know I’m going to blink and he’ll be riding a bike or getting ready for prom.

That’s the thing – it’s been so long and not nearly long enough.




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3 responses to “So Long

  1. So glad you found our blog! Tried to find an email address to e-mail you at to answer your questions so I thought I woudl post on here for ya! The birch logs were from Movies 2 Go on Kingston, but I think he is out of them now. (Right at the corner of Lawlor Ave & Kingston) A bit further away, I saw some on Bayview, South of Eglinton if that helps (e-mail me and I can give you more details!)

  2. so glad to read all is well 🙂

    we have first day of daycare next month and I am already dreading it.

  3. The Barreness

    Yay, you’re back! Glad to hear everything is going well. I started back at work 2 months ago and I’m really enjoying it, and planning on increasing my hours next month.

    Re childcare – the first month is the hardest. It’s the time they settle in, and they may protest by not eating, or not sleeping, or something else, until they are comfortable with the routine. Get through that, and it will be all good.

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