The Whole Tooth + grovel

I am acutely aware of the passage of time. As I said a couple of posts ago – it’s hard to see the changes coming so fast and furious.

Upon further reflection I realized that it likely has something to do with waiting so long for a baby.

I mean really. We tried for a baby for more than two years. Then were pregnant for nine months. And now that he’s here, his babydom is zooming by. By all counts, I want as much baby as I had wait. I want 2 years and 9 months of baby at least.

But it’s just not like that is it? And now that bedtime is 7 pm, each day is short. The sun goes down on his day long before mine. Tick tock.

He’s 5 months tomorrow. He’ll be 5 months, more than twice as heavy, 1 and 1/3 as long and have 2 teeth. He has both giggles and belly laughs. And he’s ticklish – can you believe that? Oh – and as of today – he thinks peek-a-boo is funny.

If he’d arrived 5 months after we’d started trying that might seem right on track. But given the circumstances he should TAKE HIS TIME. At this rate he’ll be a teenager in like 13 years.

Granted the two teeth are just little ridges of pearly white poked clean through the gum. But I’m willing to bet I’ll see the whole tooth before the week is out.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: My Bestest Friends are in first place for an international competition to be globe-hopping honeymoon testers. The Ultimate Job in Ireland. (I know-parenthood is the ultimate job for us IF’ers so think of it as the second best job in the world…anyway…). THEY NEED VOTES TO BE GUARANTEED A SPOT IN THE TOP 10. Please take a minute to click though and vote (no registration required) And, if you can, spread the word. She supported me though every step of achieving my dream of having The Bub. Grovelling for your votes for her is the least I can do.

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