Roll Over, Roll Over

I realize that I haven’t done a great job of keeping up to date with what the Bub is up to. And in doing so, have left everyone who reads in the dark, AND not kept a record for myself. Lazy. Lazy.

So to get the ball, and the baby rolling…despite rolling over from front to back quite consistently early on, it’s been quite some time since Bubble has done it. On Friday April 2, Bubble rolled front to back for the first time when Daddy was looking and rolled back to front without assistance. A first we were both there to witness.

Other fun things he does? During tummy time he’ll turn the pages of his Fishy Tails book (highly recommended read for little ones) so he can munch on the different tails.

When is Dad is carrying him away from me he looks over his Dad’s shoulder and raises his hand in a way that looks like he’s waving goodbye.

He smiles when I enter the room. He belly laughs when he gets kisses on the feet, cheeks or raspberries on his belly.

He grabs his feet quite consistently now and has for about 2 weeks. Yesterday he was trying to pull his sock off – but his Babylegs were holding it on. He worked at that sock on and off for about 45 min!

When you read him a book he ‘talks’ to the pictures.

He has a favourite blanket with dots and he tries to pick the dots off and eat them. Then he jams the blanket in his mouth. He’s come to love this blanket so much I bought spares (easy since he’s fallen head over heels for a 12$ blanket from a local grocery store…) and cut one into washcloth size pieces so he can hold one while he’s falling asleep. (We snatch it out of his crib once he’s alseep).

He really gets around for someone who can’t get around. He can skooch north by using his feet and lifting up his bum. He can turn 360 degrees by rolling to the side and using his feet to move him like a windmill. And somehow, when he’s sleeping he can get east and west. North and south. And is often turned 180 degrees. I think once he masters crawling he’ll be off like a shot.

It’s been surprisingly fun to hang out with him all day. Some days seem to last FOREVER – when he’s fussy – but getting out of the house now that the weather is nice has made a huge difference on those days. He has a more regular nap schedule – though the afternoon nap is much more hit and miss. On good nights he’s in bed at 7, dream feeds at 10:30 ish, wakes up between 2:45 and 3:45 to eat and is up for good between 6:30-7:30. Of course there are bad nights – up at 8:30, 10:30, 1, 3:30, 5:30 and up for good at 7:30. Strangely, the bad nights are almost always the same so I’m trying to figure out is there’s a pattern to the days that precede bad nights.

I’m not sure when the night feed will be phased out, or what the introduction of solids at 6 mos will do to the schedule…I can’t believe we’re almost at his 5 month birthday. I know Canadians are lucky to have 12 month mat leave but it’s already killing me to think about going back to work and missing what he’s up to during the day.

Gosh darn it – I just love him to bits.

Take  a look…


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3 responses to “Roll Over, Roll Over

  1. The Barreness

    Oh good, you’re back! He’s almost the same age as Lady G, and it’s such fun to read about what he’s up to (some the same as my bee, and some new tricks too). I went back in to visit my work and realised I’d been away 6 months – which means only 6 more to go, and I don’t think I like the sound of that! Need to soak it all up while we can.

  2. He is just too darn cute!

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