Packing the bag…pt 1.

So we’re gathering items to put in the hospital bag. One of those items is diapers. As you may know, we’re planning on cloth diapers – with some husband friendly options thrown in for good measure. One that has peaked my curiosity is the gro-baby system. It’s a one size cloth diaper system which uses snap in cloth liners.

Now originally these ones were not going into ‘the bag’ because there was no alternative for my ‘easing gently into cloth’ husband. Enter the Bio Soaker. These are biodegradable, disposable soaker pads that fit into the Gro Baby Shell. Check it out…


The best part is, I’m gonna get some for free, so I’ll try them out and tell you how they go.

If you’re interesting in checking them out, here in Canada, I ordered the rest of my Gro-Baby diapers from Caterpillar Baby or you can order from the link above.

I’m still on the hunt for some of the things on the packing list I have…where do you get maternity pads…?

and husband and I agreed we wouldn’t pack it until he was all done his business travel.

Not long now.



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4 responses to “Packing the bag…pt 1.

  1. maternity pads? As in nursing pads or as in super thick pads for the lovely flow afterward?

    Nursing pads you can get just about anywhere.. even walmart has them.

    As for pads for use for the lovely flow… I’ve been advised to use heavy weight overnight pads with a super thick absorbency. If it gets bad enough where it’s soaking through, then you can use depends to prevent from leaking through.

  2. Sil

    Here the hospitals gave us the maternity pads. And when I say gave, I probably mean charged me $63 per pad — don’t know what it’s like up there!

    • onepinkline

      They’re on the list “to bring” from the hospital. As are diapers. We don’t ever see a bill here in Canada – but there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles (and maternity pads apparently) either.

  3. Not sure about Canada but in both the UK and Australia Maternity Pads are available in most large supermarkets – usually near the normal pads & tampons – they usually come in the same size packs but have maternity written on them… asked one of my friends and she said naturecare or natutacare was what she used.

    Can’t wait to hear how you get along with gro-baby… I’ve ordered a starter pack along with a starter or eenie eco (g diapers in the us/canada) to ease my hubby in.

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