Decisions, decisions

There are many decisions to be made while waiting for Baby and in our wait for Bubble there has been no exception.

Today’s googlefest? What detergent to use on cloth diapers? Uh – yeah. Because after you made the decision to go cloth – with some g-diapers thrown in for good measure – you need to prep the new diapers (from all 4 of the diaper systems you’re trying out) by washing them (or their inserts depending on the system) 6-10 (again, depending on the system) times.

Now from what I gather, the bamboo and cotton can be prepped together, but the hemp has to be done separately. And, according to the google, the wrong detergent can set you up for failure. Stinky, leaky failure.

Now of course, the one my local store recommends gets 5 stars on some sites and only one on others. huh. Now what the fuck am i supposed to do? go for it? Order a different one online?

And if I can’t seem to pick a detergent that’s in Bubble’s best interest, how the hell am I supposed to make the , I don’t know, million? decisions that will see him safely through to adulthood?


I have, on a brighter note, picked paint colours for his room. No second guessing those as the first coat is already done. Looks great so far. Washed the bedding too so I can see how it all looks together tomorrow night after it’s finished.

I used the afore mentioned detergent I had originally bought for the diapers.



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2 responses to “Decisions, decisions

  1. Janice

    are you using a diaper service? Or buying a bunch and just washing them yourself? I am very interested to know how this all works for you.

  2. Hi OPL,
    just wanted you to know I have left you an award on my blog. Take it on only if it is fun and a good diversion-
    thinking of you!


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