Bad Blogger

I might get the award for the worst blogger ever. It’s been a crazy time at work. I’m exhausted.

Have been reading lots but can’t seem t find the energy to post. Nothing is really new. I’m growing. Bubble seems to be doing a-ok. The countdown to the start of my mat leave keeps me from losing it on everyone at the office. Do we really need to work till 11 pm every night? I think not.

The baby room is now only half full of office stuff. And the baby cloths are starting to pile up – through none have been washed or anything. The tags are all still on. And the baby stuff is starting to collect around the corners of the house but nothing is out of the packaging yet.

Once a scaredy cat -always a scaredy cat.

Tomorrow we hit 28 W. Getting there.

We’re getting there.


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4 responses to “Bad Blogger

  1. Well, that’s better than not having anything yet at all!!! Hopefully you’ll have the energy to start getting ready soon, only a few months left!

  2. Happy 28 weeks! Holy crap.
    28 weeks. Wow. Congratulations!!!

    11 at night? not so much darlin’, almost time to start quitting early, like, say, 10.

    Sleep is a very very very good thing
    thinking of you and bubble

  3. Ah, I am in the same boat. Work just took off like a jet plane and the energy level is just so not there. Good luck with everything and hope you are able to rest a bit.

  4. I too went through in vitro. Now my husband and I have 14 month old twins- boy and girl. Hang in there. I was a scaredy cat too. I was so scared of miscarrying even though I never had a miscarriage. I was just scared the entire time I was pregnant. It was hard to enjoy myself especially when I was HUGE. Come visit my blog; it would be fun to pass the time. Good luck!

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