Oh how time flies…

Between work – recovering from a little back nightmare – fighting off fatigue that has suddenly reared it’s ugly head and generally living life, another week has passed without a post. so sorry to be disappearing.

Today – just wanted to write a quick note in memory of my Dad, who passed away 9 years ago today. Talk about time passing. I have to say, this year feel particularly hard. He would have been over the moon to have a grandchild. His love for kids had no bounds. He loved Halloween when all the kids came by for treats. He was a highschool teacher, but often went to elementary schools to give computer classes and cherished those days. He loved his students and his teams and most of all – he loved my sister and me.

This little guy here would have just made him giddy with smiles and stories and …well, I sure am sorry he won’t be here for that. And that the Bubble won’t ever get to know him aside from photos and stories.

That’s all I’ve got today. I’ll update more on the Bub soon.


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3 responses to “Oh how time flies…

  1. Sil

    So sorry sweetie. I can’t even imagine how hard it is to know that Bubble won’t get to meet your dad (and v/v). I do know though, that bubble will get to know your dad through the great tribute you have for him, and you’ll have lots of stories to share.

  2. Awww, I’m sorry hun! That must be rough!

  3. I think passing along stories is how each of us gets to be a little immortal, and I think that it is one of the biggest gifts we can give considering the alternatives we wish for are often impossible. My dad is far away and not very engaged– happy to think that I might procreate, seriously opinionated about taht being with my genetic material, but when push comes to shove, he is not really into grandparenting. So I know my little one or ones will know him best through the stories I tell, and the photos I show, and that both breaks my heart and feels like truth.

    I am not ok with loss of loved ones,I do not find peace, but I do know they live on through us and our memories of them, and I am grateful for the ability to hold on in these ways.

    your bubblebaby is one lucky little one,

    and you- I hope your back is calmer and your fatigue gives you a break.

    warm wishes,

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