I should know better than to anger the gods of bad backs with talk of injury and spasm and pain. Every time you do that – wham. or ouch. or whatever.

I’ve been flat on my back – or rather – curled up with a pillow between my knees on my side since wednesday afternoon when, for no apparent reason (other than jinxing) my back decided to go into full spasm. Wednesday evening I couldn’t stand up straight – couldn’t walk more than 10 or so steps and couldn’t sit. At all.

Tonight – after spending the whole day off my feet (except for frequent pee trips) I can walk around the house slowly with only intermittent nerve pain firing down my legs, sit for about 10 or 15 minutes with only minor discomfort and lie still fairly though not totally pain free.

Gotta haul into work tomorrow though- thank heavens for half day friday summer hours!

It’s gonna be a long threeandabit months.



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2 responses to “Jinx

  1. Oh no, Ouch! I hope it’s just one of those fluke things and you’re back to “normal” tomorrow.

  2. oh that sounds horrid! I wish on you unspasming, and un-nerve zinging, and I am so sorry you are hurting like this.
    I hope you find a way to feel MUCH better,

    warmly and gently,

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