hey – quick question…my aching back is, well, aching. I had a significant back injury over a year ago (couldn’t sit for more than 20 min for about 9 mos…) but was feeling a-ok when the Bubble came to be. Now, the disc is tender and swollen. And my low back/butt are killing me. I’m starting to get really nervous about re-injuring my back during labour.

Anyone know anything about labour after back injury?

Would you push a c-section just in case? Or take your chances?

not sure what to do…?


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  1. Sil

    Can’t answer the labor and back question for obvious reasons. But, can say that c-sections aren’t great for backs because they cut through your stomach muscles and it is hard work to get abdominal strength back (as you can tell by looking at me, 3 years later, though admittedly, I haven’t really put in the time for the hard work). Then again, that might just be pregnancy more generally so what do I know.

  2. I don’t know the “right” answer, but I had had a back injury prior to becoming pregnant with my daughter (injured the SI joints badly in accident) and delivered her JUST fine, no re-injury and had back labor the whole f-ing time! Maybe ask your OB about physical therapy before the birth?

  3. I’m with you. I injured my back (in two places) back in September of last year and found out I was pregnant in March of this year. I immediately let my OB know because of the fact that I had severe migraines and back pain because of it. THankfully I already had a referral from my GP to a neurologist, he referred me to a pain specialist who then referred me to a physical therapist. I went for about 2 months and my back is feeling MUCH better. I would DEFINITELY recommend it!

    *Note: I have a herniated disk in my upper back (where my bra snaps together) and a completely crushed cartilidge disk down lower, just above my tail bone. Talk about PAIN!

    I still get a little bit a pain every now and then but my dr is all about going natural if possible and she doesn’t want my back out before then, so she’s all for doing whatever I have to do to get my back in the best shape possible. *Only to find out that I may have a placenta previa, which means I may need a c-section anyway.. regardless, a healthy and happy back is going to make a world of difference*

  4. sweetie pie, do you know an acupuncturist? I’d also check with your OB– not so much about the C section unless you were leaning that way anyway, but about what you can do ahead of time and what to do during labor.
    I am so sorry you are aching! And I hope you find relief and also relief from worry about labor making it worse. I imagine there is plenty to think about without that too.

    Good luck!

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