Wait Till your Second…

File this one under stupid conversations. I seem to be having it a lot lately. It usually starts with an ‘every pregnancy is different’ angle then slides directly into ‘when you have your second…’. Sometimes this refers to pregnancy, sometimes it’s about the wait between or how they get along or I don’t know, the fact that it’s wednesday.

Anyway – I try to be polite with a ‘this is probably it for us’ but people WILL NOT LET IT GO. Sheesh.

I suppose there’s a ‘once infertile, always infertile’ lesson to be learned here – that even when you’re 24 weeks preg those infertile feelings keep at’cha. But my god people…

me – this is probably it for us

people who bug me – no

me – yeah

them – you can’t have just ONE!

me (to myself – it’s a freakin miracle this one’s coming) – well, we feel very blessed with this one.

them – oh – you’ll see how much you want another one before too long

me (to self – wanting and having are two different things) – well we waited a long time to get here so and we’re going to enjoy every minute

them – oh – you’re probably the people who’ll have a whole bunch

me (self – shut the fuck up or shell out 15 grand so we can have another go) We had quite a lot of help this time – not sure we’re ready for more.

them – well I have a (friend-co-worker-neighbour-aunt-cousin-random person I heard of once) who had the hardest time then boom – second one just like that!

me – uh-huh. well I’ll keep that in mind.

them – you must be so excited.

me (s – I was before you ruined my perfectly good day) yup. exxxxxcited.

Some people suck. Those people find me.


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5 responses to “Wait Till your Second…

  1. Not sure whether it’s a relief or a frustration to hear that stupid conversations don’t end with pregnancy…you’d think that people could hardly top their foolish comments on fertility in general.

    These same people must find me too. Or maybe they have equally stupid cousins up here in the northwest.

  2. sprogblogger

    Those people find us all. I think they breed in direct proportion to their lack of tact. (In fact, maybe if all of us IFs just let our mouths run on double hinges we’d all get pregnant JUST LIKE THAT!)


  3. Ooh, that is an irritating conversation! I heard that all the time when I was having miscarriages: “If you don’t have them close, they won’t be friends” as though we magically choose how far apart our kids will be?

    You are right, and I feel the same: Once and Infertile, always and Infertile.

  4. Janice

    oh goodness! If they only knew the hoops you had to jump through to get one!

    I dont know if I would go through it again for a second..only if I had kidsicles I think

  5. I have to admit…if I get pregnant and anyone actually says that stuff to me I will probably launch into a blast of words like “IVF”, “needles”, “lucky as s#!t”, and “do you want to pay for me to try again?”

    I hope I’m lucky enough to have that conversation 🙂

    Congratulations! (Just found your blog)

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