Back at it…

After my extended absence I’m back. Had two holidays practically back to back and a few crazy busy days in between with no time to catch up.

Let me start by saying Bubble is great. Growing. Making my back ache. My tummy swell. And my heart just get more and more full.

I arrived back at the office today to the realization that if everything goes as expected, I now have less than 3 months of work before my leave starts.

Crazy. There is much to be done. Many decisions to be made. And lots of baby care related stuff to be sorted. I think in the next 3 months we’re in for quite a ride.

Hang on tight!


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2 responses to “Back at it…

  1. I’m with ya, hun! Are ya pooching out enough, yet? I feel like I’m the size of a moose, lmao. I swear I get bigger and bigger every single day.

    Enjoy the ride, it will fly by.

  2. sprogblogger

    Yay for two holidays in a row. I’m quite jealous. Can’t wait to hear how your next few months go!

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