Summer Holiday

Away on vacation. Things are going well – so far no real dry heaving in front of 10 of husband’s family. Doing a little shopping for bub. need to get over jinxy feeling and start getting ready for him.

boy cloths are cuter here in the usa.



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4 responses to “Summer Holiday

  1. Boy cloths ARE very cute, here in the US of A. Happy holiday and Happy shopping!

  2. Just wanted to say I am thinking of you and hope you are able to dry heave (if you must) in private.
    cute boy clothes here, no doubt! check out babygap online for some cute things too.

    hope your vacation is treating you well,

  3. I’m not sure if yours is lower or not. I don’t think it sounds like it is (low) as I can feel and see the kicks, very well, from the outside. I know mine is WAY lower, down in the front almost laying flat on my cervix, so I think that’s why I can feel mine so much.

    Best wishes for feeling them on the outside, soon!

  4. Janice

    wow this is the longest i have waited for your blog update!!

    Hope all is well

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