Called in a favour…

because not knowing what Bubble’s gonna be – boy or girl – was killin’ me.

So had a super quick ultrasound today. Only took a sec to see that the Bubble has BOY BITS!

It’s blue for us. A bouncing baby Bubble made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

Oh, and it was confirmed that he’s completely flipped since my last sneak peak with his head digging into one side of my pelvis, his bum pushing out on the other side of my belly button giving me a lopsided bump and his feet kicking directly into my bladder. Not his most comfortable position to this point…


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10 responses to “Called in a favour…

  1. Oh, a boy!!! Congratulations! How exciting, and now you can begin planning and shopping with a baby boy in mind (when you’re ready).

    Such great news!

  2. Go team BLUE! Congratulations on a boy! 🙂

  3. Congratulations, how exciting!

  4. Sil

    My attic is very happy to know (thank you ultrasound person)! How exciting. I confess that when I was pregnant, I was a little afraid it would be two boys. But that was before I had a son and learned how amazing it is to have a little boy. Plus, no one adores you more than a son.

  5. Congratulations! How fun to be able to plan and deal with names and BABY CLOTHES!!! Very exciting.

  6. Hey, sounds exactly like my little one.. head up, digging into my right hip, butt poked out down by my belly button, causing a nice uneven bump and feet, all the way tucked down, kicking my cervix. TOTALLY not comfortable, but cute, none-the-less.

    YAY for boys, ours has the boy goods, too.


  7. K

    Yay for your news….uhm, watch that bladder, eh?

  8. rosesdaughter

    Yeah team blue!!!!!!!

  9. Nic

    Congratulations!! So exciting you now know! Yay a boy!!

  10. Happy boy bubble!

    And may the little one flip into a MUCH better position soon. Like now for example.

    Sorry about your blechy yechs too– I hope you are feeling better.
    NO matter what though, I am so happy things are going well overall, even if some of the moments and symptoms suck.

    thinking of you

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