Back to Blech

With my Diclectin prescription officially over by 5 days I can say without hesitation that I’m one of those people who has morning sickness well past 12 weeks.

Had two full throw-up close calls today and am averaging about 12 dry heave sessions per day. I have the full sea sickies all morning and for about 2 hours in the later afternoon.

Will it never end? Have doc appointment on friday and will be begging for more drugs – no question. Hard to function in this state and am on vacation with family next week. Kind of hard to have family dinners when the smell of food leads to the heave ho.


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2 responses to “Back to Blech

  1. Sil

    Yikes, so sorry! Definitely get those drugs, no telling what a dirty diaper might do to your delicate constitution next week!

  2. I am really, really sorry that you are still dealing with this. I think it is tough for people who haven’t been through it to understand how debilitating and demoralizing it is. I hope it either (a) clears up for you soon or if not (b) you get continued access to drugs that make it bearable, if possible.

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