Half Baked

It’s quite remarkable to me that Bubble is half done.

When I look back – way, way back – there were certainly more than 20 weeks involved in getting Bubble this far. But the time before – the trying and the disappointment and the tears – seems so distant from the new normal.

It’s so strange to be looking back at day 1 of Bubble or as they count it – LMP (last menstrual period) – which wasn’t for me technically but it’s the date that gets logged back timing from retrieval date. It was Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day. First Day of Stim’s. And it came and went without much fanfare. Only hindsight makes it a memorable day.

Looking forward to Nov 20 – due date – is also weird. I never really thought I’d have one. And it’s now a circle on the calendar marking a special occasion that has never been there before and may not really be on that exact day. And may still not – considering how many things go awry in this world – happen at all.

So as we mark this 1/2 way milestone I look back with gratitude that we’ve been able to get here, forward with hope that we will celebrate in earnest around 20 weeks from now and I make an attempt to put away the baggage from before and the fear that plagues tomorrow and enjoy today for what it is. We’re half way to Bubble and that makes today a very good day.



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4 responses to “Half Baked

  1. YAY! We had the very same phrase, “half baked”.

  2. A wonderful milestone. Congratulations.

  3. Hooray for 20 weeks. Bubble is doing a great job growing!

  4. rosesdaughter

    Congratulations on being half baked!!!

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