Bubble moves…

But only on the inside. As we march towards the halfway point I find I am constantly amazed by the new physical aspects of carrying bubble, the new fears and anxieties that had never occurred to me before, and the way time can move in slow motion and fast forward at the same time.

We still have only puppets and books – the nursery is still an office for two/junk room/construction staging zone. You could not fit a baby in there if you used a shoe horn. We have nothing for Bubble to sleep on – or in for that matter. No baby safety, baby feeding, baby diapering ( though we did try today to do some instore research on cloth diapers but the store was closed for a holiday).

Considering the years it took to get to this point – you’d think I’d feel better prepared – but I’m still quite taken with having gotten this far and haven’t really moved on to preparing for what’s next.

Though I must admit – today’s frog puppet might be the cutest one yet!


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One response to “Bubble moves…

  1. rosesdaughter

    Congrats on Bubble movment! Isn’t it weird!?!? But in a good way?
    I just realized this same thing earlier this week. I have done nothing. NOTHING! The nursery still looks like a tornado hit it, and I have NOTHING. Except two cute onesies and some books.

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