The Verdict is in…

We have a healthy baby of undetermined gender.

The tech thought it was a boy. Maybe? Well, maybe not.

So the answer is boy – maybe? She couldn’t say for certain.

What she could say… well, maybe we’ll know for sure at the next scan…




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5 responses to “The Verdict is in…

  1. Sorry you couldn’t get more information…glad the baby is healthy, though!

    Funny…the automatically generated posts suggested a post on Michael Jackson. Was it “undetermined gender” or “boy – maybe?” that did the trick?


  2. sprogblogger

    Ugh! Sorry you didn’t get a positive shot, but very happy babyxy/babyxx is healthy.

  3. Oh no! I had the same thing happen at our 16w ultrasound. We had a GREAT view up until I asked for her to check the gender, then baby completely flipped, turned to the side and sat down on the very bottom of my uterus so there was nothing she could see. A thigh was about as close as we could get. I’m hoping our 20w ultrasound (on monday) yields better results.

    Glad your bubble is very healthy and doing well.

  4. Nic

    That susks that you are having a maybe. Cant believe she couldnt tell you for def.

  5. Congratulations, it’s a Maybe!
    I betcha that is kind of frustrating.
    soon you will know, you will know at the next scan, and I cannot wait. All is well, and that is the best news ever.


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