Cooking along…

19 weeks came and went without a hitch. we’re both just hanging on till Monday am’s ultrasound – hoping Bubble is healthy and happy in there…and of course, lets us know what’s what with the boy parts/girl parts debate.

Watermelon continues to be a big winner in the “i need to eat  it now” food-o-rama. And I learned today that 1 deep fried pickle is a good idea – but an entire order at a restaurant is not.



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4 responses to “Cooking along…

  1. Good info about the fried pickles!

    I cannot wait to hear what kind of cute baby Bubble is! Keep us posted!

  2. Love the watermelon
    deep fried pickles, eh? hmm. I feel like I saw that one coming.
    Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear about Bubble,


  3. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!

  4. K

    Everything sounds so great. Good for you! Are you graduating soon to a parenting blog? 😉

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