19 weeks-eve

We’re close – so close to the halfway point. With every day, the idea that Bubble might actually come true seems a little less fantastical and a little more real.

Still haven’t bought much. Won’t let others give me anything they’ve bought. Think about end of work day a lot – but still can’t picture baby arrival day.

So weird.

Week 19 will be a big one. On monday we have our anatomy scan and find out Pink? or Blue? (as long as Bubble co-operates) And 4 days after that, we slide past 1/2 way and into the wait for magical week 24.

The bump is growing growing, the heart is beating beating, the morning sickness still has the occasional dry heaving but it still feels like a dream.

Can’t wait for the day Bubble becomes a dream come true.



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4 responses to “19 weeks-eve

  1. Your scan is soon, I’m jealous!! My scan isn’t for another week and a half.. ugh. I hate waiting. I’m guessing a boy for you! Girl for me!

  2. Wow! You are so very close now! I feel the same way- I want the pregnancy to be successful, but I spend so much time worrying, that I need to remind myself to imagine healthy babies in my arms. Hooray for almost halfway and almost 24 weeks. WOOT WOOT!!

  3. Oh! congratulations on your soon to be halfway point, oh my goodness time flies by in such a crazy way. I am so happy for you, occasional dry heaves and all.

    My guess? smart, fierce, funny, sharp, soft, sweet, a wonderful complex mix of you and your guy and all things new.

    good luck on monday! dang I just love it when things work.


  4. Congrats on half way there! Excited to check back on Monday and see if we are cheering on team blue or pink!

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