Hey – you in there…

what are you like? Are you like your Dad or like me? Are you sweet? Serious? A smartypants? Fast? Fierce? Funny?

I’m very curious about who Bubble is going to be. Not in a career sense or anything. But as a person. Husband and I have things in common but we’re generally quite different. Will the Bub be a little him? A little me? Some yet to be determined hybrid?

It’s so odd to be cooking up a little person.

Usually when you throw two things together and put them into bake you have some idea of what you’re going to get. When it comes to baking Bubbles it’s anyone’s guess.

I sure am getting excited to find out.


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One response to “Hey – you in there…

  1. I AGREE! I’m anxious to see who our bub will take after, as well. I can only hope that our babe will have Daddy’s patience, my good looks (he he) and a hybrid of both of our sences of humor.

    I really can’t wait to see what exactly our babe looks like, as well. Just wondering what my CHILD will look and be like in the future, it’s so amazing!!

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