cough – i think I have one

And I must admit – I hate coughing right now. As ridiculous as is seems – I worry coughing and sneezing will affect Bubble in some horrible way.

I’m such a worry wort.


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One response to “cough – i think I have one

  1. Oh jeeze. I had bronchitis AND massive morning sickness as soon as I hit six weeks. I was coughing every 10 seconds, it seemed. I, too, was worried that my bub would be harmed in some way from the angry and ferocious coughing. I was litterally panting the whole time because I just couldn’t catch my breath, and when I felt like I got even halfway, I’d start coughing until I’d throw up. I KNEW that the constant heaving would have some ill effect on the baby but after talking to my dr, OB, RE & GP.. all was okay. Baby is still doing fabulous and it’s been over 12 weeks. The baby is not effected by it at all. If so, why would so many pregnant women have violent vomiting all through pregnancy with no ill effect?

    Bubble will be fine, I am sure of it. Speaking of, are you guys finding out the sex? Do you have an appointment set for your 20 week ultrasound? If so, when is it?

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