5 things I hope I can do as well as my dad…

On Father’s Day Eve, I’d like to take a moment to list off a few things I hope I can do half as well for Bubble as my dad did for me.

1. Love Bubble Absolutely – even when Bubble is a dreadful teenager saying mean things to me I hope I can make Bubble feel loved fully, completely and unendlingly every single day.

2. Make Bubble Laugh – even when things have gone wrong – the pie has just slide into the bottom of the still hot oven, even when Bubble’s heart is broken, foot is broken, when dreams are dashed or 1st place falls out of reach – I hope I can make Bubble giggle (even if it seems slightly inappropriate under the circumstances).

3. Teach Bubble the difference between want and need – understand the importance of the difference and still give Bub all s(he) needs – and most of the wants too.

4. I hope I can believe in Bubble even when Bub is making it hard to do so – and more importantly, make sure that at no time Bubble stops believing in his/herself.

5. I hope I can pass along the wisdom that it’s important to try and be the best you can be every day. Somedays you aren’t. You do stupid things or say stupid things. or let someone else get the better of you, or you just don’t try very hard. But the next day, you get the chance to do it all again. What you did yesterday is in the past. And today you have another chance to be the best you can be.

I hope everyone has a happy father’s day tomorrow. Dad’s are good. And I miss mine very much.



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2 responses to “5 things I hope I can do as well as my dad…

  1. Such great wisdom and such wonderful wishes– I hope for you that all of these wants come true.


  2. Sil

    What a wonderful father your dad was. And Bubble will be lucky to have a wonderful mother and father as well. You just reminded me to send my father a message telling him how lucky I am.

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