Need new clothes…

I realize I promised an insightful post but I my current need is taking up too much space in my brain leaving no room to think about anything else.

It’s getting to be situation critical on the clothing front. I need new duds!

Heading to the US of A to do some shopping this weekend. Any tips from those of you living in the states – need for big mel.ons (there’s no better way to put it), a (gasp) bathing suit (not looking forward to that one) and some tops to wear in a creative envrionment workplace.

Just wondering if anyone knows places I should check out? We have thyme and motherhood maternity here – but that’s about it – and with 3 other bumps roaming the office – we run the risk of all wearing the smae thing every day. Sounds childish but I want to look like myself (the slightly expanded version) – cool t’s, something hip? so far no luck.

Advice appreciated.



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3 responses to “Need new clothes…

  1. This is my first time commenting but I’ve been reading for a bit now. Congrats (late)! I could not resist passing on shopping advice as I was a maternity clothes MAVEN. I was obsessed. Ten large totes of maternity clothes are in my attic as we speak. 🙂 Old Navy has cute maternity clothes and I found my swimsuit there which got tons of compliments. Target is another place to check out for clothes and maybe even a swimsuit at great prices. I found many tops that worked as pg tops but were not, at Anthropologie. Have FUN!

  2. Sil

    Ha, you’re coming to the US and we’re in Canada.

    I second Old Navy. I got lots of cute comfy clothes there (though not great for work clothes if you have to dress up). I think my bathing suit was Motherhood (and agreed, that was no fun shopping for — some of them I could only describe as maternity porn wear, as I had similar issues to you).

    I never had luck (speaking of similar issues) with bras in stores, and so bought them here:
    they weren’t maternity (which aren’t super different), but worked well. And I may have bought some bras at Target but they really didn’t fit well. I think I ended up buying nursing bras from the same place on line. I’ll tell you my favorite ones when you’re ready to think about it.

    And for work clothes (not cheap), they didn’t have it when I was pregnant, but Ann Taylor Loft now sells maternity clothes (not all stores). That would be awesome.

  3. I’m not in the US but the store I get my stuff is… H&M has a good line of cheap, reasonably funky maternity wear, really good for basics – pants, t-shirts, etc. I like to wear their stuff normally anyways so was happy to discover that they could meet the maternity wear needs as well. Not sure if they sell the maternity stuff in the US, though.

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