Reading to Bubble

Not sure if I’ve mentioned before that we’ve building a library of books for the Bubble – figuring if we get a book for every week we’ll have a great head start to filling Bub’s bookshelves. I’ve been avoiding the books that we might receive as gifts – the standbys like good night moon and such.

So if anyone has suggestions on slightly off  the wall titles we should add, I’d really appreciate them. So far, Naked Mole Rat gets Dressed and Lost and Found (about a little boy and a lost penguin) are my faves…but we have many weeks to go.

This weekend I promise to post a bump pic. It’s official. I look like a pregnant lady. I even got offered a seat on the streetcar today. As I was only 2 stops from home after a transfer I declined. But I was pleased.



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3 responses to “Reading to Bubble

  1. I’ve noticed the eyes on my belly, too. Usually people just cut me off when we’re out anywhere, however, now… they hold doors for me, let me go first, even hold up lines, so I can make my way through, lol.

    Very nice of them!

  2. rosesdaughter

    I started a collection of books too for the baby!!

  3. HelloThere

    I’ll Love you Forever by Robert Munsch

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