Thank you for all the awesome responses!

I think I have husband that cloth – or gdiapers (thanks Kate) are the way to go! At least the majority of the time – there will likely still be some disposibles in the mix but hopefully our day to day routine will stay out of landfills.

I had a lot of time to look through all the info that was sent today. I was home from work taking it easy after having painful cramps in the night.

I was having this aweful dream that I was in labour during a work day and everyone I knew at the office kept coming in to check to see how I was doing and if they could see the baby yet! (gross). I woke to find the cramps were real. Felt like period cramps from a really bad period. Checked to see if there was any bleeding or discharge but all seems a-ok in that department.

I also have IBS that comes with some pretty nasty cramps and sometimes they’re hard to distinguish. When I was more awake it seemed the cramps marginally more likely intestinal than uterine but I was still really freaked out.

I spent the day at home, taking it easy, and watching for signs that would have be believe Bubble is in some kind of trouble. I also ate every fibre filled food i could find today, as fibre generally helps all woes of GI tract.

If I’m still uncomfortable tomorrow I’ll go in and get it checked out. Though I’m hoping my easy day at home and careful eating today will have me right as rain tomorrow.

Will be using the doppler tonight and tomorrow morning just for a little reassurance.



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3 responses to “Thank you for all the awesome responses!

  1. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. Nic

    I hope the cramps are just IBS. I Have IBS and it can be so painful. Do def get checked though if you are worried.

  3. Hey you, as another IBSer, I say– it is really hard to distinguish, I agree, things are so closely packed in there, but when in doubt, check it out. I think peace of mind at this point is worth more than just about anything.

    go g diapers! there are also some “lower impact” disposables like seventh generation– if I am so lucky, I’ll probably do a combination of these and supplement with others as needed (out of diapers at midnight, beggers cannot be choosers).

    thinking of you, hoping your cramping has eased. sending warm, calm colon and happy baby thoughts your way.

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