Aches and Pains

I remember growing pains from when I was a kid – but I haven’t really thought much about them for years. Until now. I have growing pains. My bo.obs hurt, everything between my hip bones hurts. The north end of my expanding tummy hurts. It’s kind of like the aching feeling after a Lap surgery when you feel both like you’ve been been blown up like a balloon. Only in this case you’re awake and the inflation is happening a little bit more every minute of the day.

Nobody ever told me about this part.



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3 responses to “Aches and Pains

  1. I just wrote about my growing pains on my blog, too! The hips are the worst right now…

    Hang in there! Bubble is growing away!

  2. I haven’t been doing too bad on that front, feeling a tad bit sore but nothing out of the ordinary. I can’t, however, reach up really high because I feel like my stomach is getting stretched too much and it hurts. I’ve started feeling kicks pretty often, too. If I lay on my stomach, or back, I can feel them really good. I have an anterior placenta (it’s attached to the front of my uterus) so when I lay on my back, the baby is squished between my placenta and my bladder, so he’ll start kicking away trying to get it off, lol. Soon as I roll to my side, he stops.

  3. rosesdaughter


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