16 weeks today

yippee. I seem to count time now in week intervals, squeaking along, hoping I get to check off another one.

I appreciate your help with my questions. Your answers are really giving me food for thought.

Are you up for another one? Baby names…first – have you picked them. Second – are you willing to share your pics. And third – what do you tell people when they ask.

I’m personally more than happy to share the names I think we’ve picked when people ask – but I’m not necessarily sure they want to hear. They ask. I tell. then they say “oh – well how about this or that”. weird.

I’m considering becoming a ‘no tell’ person. Thoughts?



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6 responses to “16 weeks today

  1. SIL

    We told no one (well, it helped that we didn’t finalize until they were cutting me open). But we didn’t even tell people our ideas. But I’ve heard too many stories of people reacting to name ideas (including a friend whose midwife said “well, you still have time to change your mind”). No one’s gonna “oh no” when there’s a visible person and you tell them, the baby’s name IS… but when you tell them, we’re thinking we’ll name him/her X then the suggestions flood in.

    Of course, I’m personally dying to hear the ideas. And you’re always welcome to see my excel chart of all our ideas =)

  2. rosesdaughter

    Oh yes, we have a running list of boy and girl names now. We have agreed that if we end up not finding out what the baby is, that we will narrow the list down to three girl names and three boy names. If we do find out the sex, just three names of that sex. No actual naming until the baby comes out. C-Dub is firm about that!

  3. Nic

    Thats a personal one, not sure if I would tell. Of course you have to tell us your thoughts though!!!!

  4. from your last post, I say do all the fumy/offgassing things first and soon– paint, rug/carpet– the rest you can do as you wish and as you are ready. If you think you might want to arrange and re-arrange, make sure you have a calm friend or sweetie to help.
    I am (when the time comes WHICH IT WILL) going to do used when I can, cheap otherwise, and some splurges which I am sure will present themselves to me. A baby shower is a great time to ask for things you might not get on your own. I think I will focus on only a few things that are built to last. Those little ones grow so friggin fast.

    And about names, just say we have them and we are really happy with them! Thanks for asking!
    Be self protective, people are truly weird.

    And need I say it? 16 weeks HURRAH!!!

  5. We have our names, set and ready, and yes, we share, and when people ask, we tell them that, “the babies name is either THIS or THIS.. somepeople may not like them but we love them so that’s what we’re sticking with. It’s our child and we’ll be the ones giving it a name.”

    Our names are:

    Boy: Jeffrey Scott, Jr.
    Girl: Amaya Raylen

    So far, we haven’t gotten ONE negitive response, but people know me well, that if they say something negitive about it, they’ll get an earful, from me, so they’re pretty well behaved.

  6. When we choose name(s) we will definitely not tell until the baby is born. If you tell beforehand people feel they have a right to tell you “that is a dumb name” or “you should name it after Aunt Martha” or whatever. If the baby already has a name, they know it’s too late to intervene. Trust me, I have a friend whose kid has a really awful name and I bet we would have tried to convince her to pick something else if we had known before it was born :). Since we plan to pick “weird” names we know we will be in the same boat.

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