Thanks…and how about another one…

Ok, so I got great feedback on the new vs used question…

So how about this one…

When? After IF and everything that comes along with it, I’m not really great at ‘out of the woods’ and ‘full steam ahead’. At the same time, things move at a snails pace around here. We spent 5 months organizing the garage for pete’s sake. (and we can still barely fit a car in there…)

So when do you think one should aim to have a baby’s room ready? I’ve been reading about fumes and off gassing and such – which would have one believe earlier is better. I’ve also read sad story after sad story and don’t want to count my bubbles before they’ve hatched.

So what do you consider a good time frame for the stages…  1. having the room rid of it’s former purpose 2. prepping – paint etc. 3. setting up the big stuff 4.  and finishing touches.

Thanks for your help!



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4 responses to “Thanks…and how about another one…

  1. sprogblogger

    God, these are fun! Um, I’d totally have the room prepped & painted asap. Offgassing & such, but also, not something you can hurry up & do last minute. I’d probably have the big stuff bought, but not set up until the last minute (or the last month, if I knew it was coming.) Finishing touches, for me, could wait until baby was in arms.

    Can’t wait to see a baby in your arms!

  2. I think everyone is different. It took me until after 20 weeks to finally get started on the nursery. Now at 34 weeks I’m scrambling to get things done before our little one arrives. But, I’m a procrastinator….and still don’t believe that it’s happening.

    p.s. I wore a filtered mask when we painted. I wasn’t going to let anyone else do something I’d dreamt about for years.

  3. My answer kind of goes for all four questions…

    I’m one of those people who think, “I’ve waited for this, for years, I’m not going to let my fear, keep me from enjoying what I deserve.”

    Our room is already painted, plus we have the crib put together and it’s all set up with bedding and such. We also have the bassinette washed and ready for use. We ordered two dressers (one 4 drawer dresser and a dresser/changing table combo) at the same time as the crib but somehow they got shipped elsewhere, so we’re still waiting for them to arrive. We’ve been promised that they’ll be here today. We’ll see.

    We’ve also go our rocker in there and ready to go, just have to clean it, then it will be ready. Pretty much all we’re waiting on is the dressers and then I’m sure I’ll be in there finishing it up.

    I’ve waited 4 years and MANY infertility treatments for this baby, you can bet that I am enjoying EVERY SINGLE second of this pregnancy.

  4. rosesdaughter

    This is a great question. I have just started cleaning out the room that is going to be the nursery. My rational was that it needed to be cleaned anyway. I am still so scared of that whole”counting my chickens before they hatch” thing. I probably won’t paint or anything until my 24th week. Viability. So sad. But I’m getting better!!

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