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I’m throwing this one out there hoping to get some advice. When it comes to prepping the house for a new little person – what would you get used, and what would you rather have brand new?

In the interest of not jinxing anything, we haven’t made any purchases (ok…except bedding) but I’ve been doing tons of research. I want to be fiscally responsible and to re-use where applicable. But I’m not too keen on the idea of some used items. What are your thoughts?



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  1. Janice

    Hello from Michigan. I would never buy a used crib mattress (because they spend so much time on it and the plastic cover eventually cracks), a used car seat (because you don’t know if it’s been in an accident; which would make it possibly unsafe in a future accident) or used bottles (because nipples slowly wear out and the holes get larger and gag the baby. Also, I just don’t like the idea.) I have bought a used crib that had all it’s original parts, a gently used stroller and a lot of used clothes. Younger kids outgrow thier clothes too fast to wear them out, just make sure they’re not stained. Happy shopping!

  2. Sil

    I didn’t want car seats used because that’s what you read. But now I think even those I would take used if I knew the prior owner (wouldn’t buy from second hand store). I wanted matching cribs so bought those new. And hard to find good used double strollers. I even took a used breast pump because I knew the one owner and my breastfeeding class instructor said it was fine. I didn’t use handmedown bottles because I was so anxious about plastic and whether others put them in dishwasher. Everything else I think I did/would have accepted used.. Unless I’m forgetting gear things because that first year is all a blur!

  3. Initially I thought I wanted everything new. Then we fell in love with a beautiful but expensive crib, so everything else in the nursery needed to be second hand. We bought a changing table off of craigslist and I’m using an antique dresser that was my aunts. I’m on the prowl now for a gently used glider.

    I’ve settled on the idea that used clothes are totally fine as long as they are in good condition and don’t come from a smoking home.

    I’ve heard over and over that used car seats are not a good idea unless you know the previous owner. They could have been in a car crash and could have cracks etc. Plus regulations change nearly every year. But, that’s just what I’ve heard and read.

    Other than that we’re doing a mix with toys. I’ve gotten some from friends and consignment/garage sales. While a few things we’ve gotten new.

    Use your best judgement and follow your gut. Good luck and have fun shopping!

  4. sprogblogger

    I’m a big fan of used, but I’ll admit I share a bit of squeamishness regarding not-brand-new for a brand-new baby.

    I guess I’m always ok with used clothes.
    Used furniture – if I didn’t live in NYC where there’s a huge bedbug problem, I’d go for used wooden, but not stuffed furniture. Living here, I think I’d pass on wood, too, just because bedbugs can be such a problem to get rid of once they’re in. I’d never go with a used car seat.
    I’d absolutely go with a used stroller (but then, I have really high end taste in strollers, so it’s the only way I’d ever get the stroller I want!)
    I’d totally go with used glass bottles (but not used plastic)
    I don’t think I’d go for a used breast pump.
    I’d be ok with used swing, bouncy seat, etc.

    I guess it depends as much as anything on the condition of the used item, & how much ick factor you place on used items.

    God, I can’t wait to start gearing up. Enjoy this time!

  5. Good post!

    swing, bouncy seat, changing pad, clothes (anything you can wash!), infant toys, furniture

    Car seat!!! Bedding, nursing pillow

  6. I’d have to say that I generally agree with everyone else who posted. We bought a brand new crib, dresser & changing table, for fear of using a new one and having it break with our child sleeping in it.

    We’ll also be buying a brand new carseat/stroller combo, because I don’t believe people who say that things have never been in an accident, lol.

    We baught a brand new crib bedding set, only because we wanted the whole set that matched and it’s hard to find ALL the pieces of a used one and many times, even smokers will sell it as “from a non-smoking home”. I just don’t trust it.

    We do have used baby clothing, as babies don’t wear them for long and usually it’s very easy to find cheap things in great shape.

    We’ll probably buy all the “gear” brand new because I am terrified something used might break, but otherwise, toys (after disinfected), cloths, shoes, etc, can be used.

    All in my opinion, though.

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