Yay for Yoga

I’ve had a pre-natal dvd for some time now – a gift from my SIL but no one would give me the green light to have at it.

My trainer – (sounds posh, but it’s a medical precaution to a) help my back, injured just over a year ago, get through pregnancy and delivery and b) ensure my tachycardia does not affect the baby) – said it would be ok if I took a class with an instructor then did the video at home once I had proper technique.

Well my course finally started tonight and it was great. One of the girls I have played ultimate frisbee with for years is also expecting, due shortly after me is also taking it. And another friend who was very supportive through all my IF treatments is also pregnant the old fashioned way and is in the class too.

I had a very profound moment during the class. The last time I was in the room I was halfway through stims.  I felt as though the cycle, the drugs, the ultrasounds, all of it had me in a choke hold. I remember concentrating so hard in that class – relax, relax, relax. What’s so strange is I was thinking the same thing today. Relax. I had to remind myself I’m not an impostor. I haven’t tricked my way in. I am a pregnant woman, just like the rest of them.

And as for the class itself, I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait to go back next week. And to let my trainer know I’m all set to start my video at home. Where I can just feel what I’m feeling about being allowed into ‘pre-natal’ without all those bellies sticking out at me.



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2 responses to “Yay for Yoga

  1. Sil

    Yay! I loved prenatal yoga (until I was banned from it, sigh). When I was TTC, my yoga instructor AND my pilates instructor both ended up pregnant. Not so helpful with the relaxing and be in the moment!

  2. Yay for yoga and yay for shedding that impostor feeling-I know it well.

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