I am so itchy. arms. legs. belly. chest. Does anyone have any idea how to help the itchy itchy itchy skin?

I can tell it’s going to get worse.



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5 responses to “Itchy

  1. Heavy moisturizer and plenty of water. Ugh, I hate having the itches. I wouldn’t hesitate to check with your nurse just to make sure.

  2. SIL

    Best I can do is keep hydrated (which is the same as SFS said). One doctor recommended cocoa butter to me (there’s rumors that it helps with stretch marks, too).

  3. Major water intake and major lotion, all the time. It’s the only thing that helps me.

  4. rosesdaughter

    Like everyone else said, stay hydrated and keep a lot of lotion/shea butter around!

  5. I’d put this in the fridge:

    and good luck! sometimes other sensations can distract from itchiness– sometimes light but constant pressure works. Hope you find some relief.
    Warmly, Kate

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