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Of the plant variety. We went there today and bought plants. Now I have never owned a plant that has survived my care. But my new nurturing self felt an uncontrollable urge to care for something other than a cat. So, flowers it is.

Our deck looks pretty good. The flowers are lovely. Not sure how long I can expect them to survive…I’m hoping we can all make it to the third trimester together!

We shall see.

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Crazy work week

Huge presentation this morning went well. Got in the way of blogging last night. And of anything happening that would give something to talk about.

Time marches on however. And today we’re 14 W. No matter how you count we’re in the second trimester.

I have little to commemerate the occasion and after working 50 hours in 4 days I’m too tired to be clever. So here’s the mp3 of Bubble’s heart beat I mentioned earlier in the week. Had to chase the wiggler around a bit so it comes and goes.

Or, not. hmmm – can’t figure out how to upload it.

Alright, it’s here. Not super private but there if you’d like to hear why I love the rented doppler.

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Smart cookie

I’m feeling all smug tonight because I figured out how to make an mp3 of the baby’s heartbeat with very little trouble.

The only challenge was that the little wiggler kept squirming away  so I had to chase it around my tummy with the doppler.

That’s the only excitement I have to report on today.



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Screw thinking

I have a thinking job. It’s all about idea generation and the next big thing.

Well, my thinker isn’t thinking so good. I’m foggy with exhaustion, hunger, thirst, what kind of stroller we should get. I’m usually clawing tooth and nail to have “the” idea – the one that people get excited about. Now I’m excited when I get to go home and sleep.

Not sure whether I’ll adjust over the next 6 months – or if the days of building my career are over. It’s sad to think that time has passed. But really, I’m too tired to care right now.

Perhaps a big idea will come to me while I sleep.


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I heart my husband…

Must…contain…giant…bust…can no longer…wrestle…into pre-bubble…sports bra.

Today my workout started before my workout. I went 3 rounds with one of my sports bras from days past before conceding I would need a new one of those too.

Later today I popped into a local sports store. I grabbed a bigger (their biggest) size and headed into the dressing room. It fit perfectly (for now) which was great. What wasn’t great was the “inner tube” effect caused by my new elastic waist pants. I just wasn’t prepared for the overhead florescent light reality check that is my expanding self.

Later still, when describing the moment of truth to husband, I said something like “being pregnant is many things, wondrous, miraculous…but it isn’t pretty.”

“Yes it is. I think it’s beautiful” was his response.

So I shut up. ‘Cause it was hard to argue with that.


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I can see that!

Well, everyone who has written a book on pregnancy and claimed you don’t start showing till about 5 months can go to hell. Today I ran into our real estate agent. Likeable fellow I haven’t seen since Dec.

When he asked “what’s new?” I said “well we’ve got exciting news!”

His response? “I can see that.” Nice.

It’s going to be a long and wide ride. 5 months my ass. There’s no hiding my already expanding belly.

Anybody else protruding sooner that expected?


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NT scan

All went well at the scan today. Measurement was well within normal range and the pics I got were awesome!

It’s feeling really real now. How real? Check out this pic of my ultrasound pic…(no scanner)


I love the fist waving in the air.

Oh, and I asked the tech what she thought of the gender.

Her money is on girl.

We’ll see.


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