There are a few random things on my mind…

1. What are all these weird aches and pains in my abdomen?

2. Why am I so itchy?

3. When will I stop heaving? And, how much would I be heaving if I stopped taking diclectin?

4. Is Bubble a boy or a girl?

5. Am I ever going to start ‘glowing’?

6. Will I like meat again, or am I on the road to being a vegetarian?

7. Why does the hair on my legs now grow so fast and the hair on my head grow so slow?

8. Is it wrong to buy an expensive designer stroller with unexpected money from my tax refund?

9. Is the feeling that someone is gently playing piano in my insides the Bubble tap, tap, tapping away?

10. Am I out of line to want to ask people who tell me I won’t be able to stop at one for $15,000 to prove them right? (I haven’t yet but I will if you tell me it’s ok…)

Going to check in on the heartbeat now. Still loving the doppler.


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2 responses to “Random

  1. Another great list! I am still loving my Doppler, too.

    And yes, I think that IS Bubble saying hi to you! 🙂

  2. The aches and pains are all your muscles and ligiments in your belly stretching away making room for the growing bubble!! Exciting!

    They say it’s still to early to “feel” bubble moving away inside, so it may be gas, or just your organs moving around trying to make room for that little guy. Who knows I guess.

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