They’re back.

The dry heaves. And the sea sickies. You’d think that after 14 weeks they’d be gone for good. especially considering I’m still taking the anti-sicks.

But no…

My plan was to come off the drugs during week 15 but I’m rethinking that now. I wonder if I’ll feel this all the way through? I think there’s some kind of hormonal jump going this week. If you were following the chest progression from grapefruit through the various sizes of melon (I think i’m at honeydew) you’d agree.

OB appointment tomorrow. Official results on NT should be back. Here’s to hoping the blood test reveals nothing and we keep chugging along.


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3 responses to “They’re back.

  1. I’m with ya, hun! I’m 15w1d and it seems to be back. I think I’ve puked (along with a good 20min of dry heaving afterward) at least every other day, now.

    My hormones seem to be running rampid, too! I can’t seem to stop crying over the dumbest things, but they’re important to me, so I’ve been trying to deal with it.

  2. I know the NT scan results will be great and Bubble is doing so well. Look at all the hormones he/she is stirring up inside you!

    I am truly shocked at how large my breasts are every morning. I am going to need some kind of sling soon….

    Sorry you are still sick. It is quite unfair! You should be well out of the range by now. Can you stay on your meds?

  3. I’m really sorry you are stuck with this. I was in hyperemesis hell until mid W 11 and then it downgraded… but returned as ‘regular’ morning sickness and has stayed that way until now (mid W 13). I still have days when all I do is clutch the barfbucket but overall things are still way better than they were before. Personally, I have accepted that it may stay this way the whole pregnancy, and I can live with it because I am so happy it is not the total full-on all-day 100% about-to-barf nausea hell that came previously. But my OB swears it will still go away.

    Some women are nauseous through W 16, others (though I hate to say it) have the queazies the whole pregnancy. I hope very much you are not in the latter category. Stay on the meds as long as you need ’em, everybody reacts to pregnancy differently and there is no need to make yourself more miserable than necessary because of an outside schedule that says “it should be gone by now.”

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