Smart cookie

I’m feeling all smug tonight because I figured out how to make an mp3 of the baby’s heartbeat with very little trouble.

The only challenge was that the little wiggler kept squirming away  so I had to chase it around my tummy with the doppler.

That’s the only excitement I have to report on today.




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3 responses to “Smart cookie

  1. Cool! I hope once the baby cooperates we’ll all get to hear it.

  2. Here’s what I think– first, making the mp3 of the little one’s heartbeat is the coolest thing ever. GOOD FOR YOU geeky girl. A great thing, GREAT, that you will treasure.

    And second, you may just be taking a break from what you used to and taking a long journey into a foreign land. You will come back, but changed. but your brain? it took about a year after my sister had her baby for her momnesia to fade out so she could feel like her brain was hers again. for those of us who are thinkers, any change in that arena can cause panic if we have the energy to panic, I know. So don’t panic. Just know there is a real root cause bubbling in there, and you’ll be ok.

    Also, it is odd, I find there are times when ideas come too fast to catch, and other times when there is just a vast wasteland with a howling wind. Be easy on you– you’re terrific and you have a whoooshing wiggler who is stealing your attention and energy and so it should be. sending warm thoughts your way,

  3. That’s just so darn cool. I would listen to it on a loop on my ipod to go to sleep…except that high rate might just keep me awake…

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