I heart my husband…

Must…contain…giant…bust…can no longer…wrestle…into pre-bubble…sports bra.

Today my workout started before my workout. I went 3 rounds with one of my sports bras from days past before conceding I would need a new one of those too.

Later today I popped into a local sports store. I grabbed a bigger (their biggest) size and headed into the dressing room. It fit perfectly (for now) which was great. What wasn’t great was the “inner tube” effect caused by my new elastic waist pants. I just wasn’t prepared for the overhead florescent light reality check that is my expanding self.

Later still, when describing the moment of truth to husband, I said something like “being pregnant is many things, wondrous, miraculous…but it isn’t pretty.”

“Yes it is. I think it’s beautiful” was his response.

So I shut up. ‘Cause it was hard to argue with that.



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4 responses to “I heart my husband…

  1. I agree! They’re all battle wounds to show that we’ve endured a pregnancy. THE biggest miracle of our lives, carrying a living human being. Take them with pride and just know that soon, you won’t even notice, you’ll be staring at your beautiful baby and nothing else will matter!

  2. Obviously, a smart and sweet man! 🙂

  3. K

    OMG. Give that man a medal.

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