NT scan

All went well at the scan today. Measurement was well within normal range and the pics I got were awesome!

It’s feeling really real now. How real? Check out this pic of my ultrasound pic…(no scanner)


I love the fist waving in the air.

Oh, and I asked the tech what she thought of the gender.

Her money is on girl.

We’ll see.



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4 responses to “NT scan

  1. Oh that’s so exciting!!!! I can’t believe the little babies are HUGE already!! My next appointment is on Monday, the 18th, this coming Monday, and I am HOPING that they do an US so we can see our little babe again.


  2. YAYYY! I am so happy for you! I updated your blog about 20 times to find out how it went. I am so glad all was well- you’ve got a healthy baby in there. 🙂

    Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. Great photo! Congrats on the great scan!

  4. K

    This is just totally awesome. Very cool.

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