I’m a little nervous (ya think?). In this case about my bad back and pregnancy, delivery and postpartum – and when I mentioned it to my RE a few weeks back he referred me to a medically supervised fitness program for expectant mothers. Great! So I saw the doc, did the assessment, came to terms with the $$$ and set up my first session.

Now I admit – I thought stretching, some core work maybe. A little more stretching.

Yeah – no. I had a full strength weight workout tonight. My legs are rubber. My arms are sticks (ample sticks) of fire and every inch of me is crying uncle.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow. Now my back doesn’t hurt (at least not yet) so that’s a good sign. And I know intellectually it’s going to help in the long run. But owww. Ouwwwwch.



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4 responses to “Uncle

  1. Good for you! I lifted weights with my pregnancy with my daughter, and looked great, and felt great. Keeping muscle tone is helpful!

    I wish I could work out- I am a huge bump on a log over here!

  2. I have a really bad back, too. Bad posture, bad muscle tone, etc. Anything that could be wrong with my back, is!! So I am going to physical therapy twice per week and have about 7 workouts that I have to do, per day. I feel ya, hun. It’s soooo not nice, however, it will help, SOOO much in the long run!

  3. nishkanu

    Not to make it all about me or anything, but I am SO jealous! I would love to have a good workout and be super sore!! I am glad they are giving you a REAL workout for REAL buff pregnant ladies and not just some lame romantic-filter pregnancy-video-style smooshy workout. Hopefully my sick-all-day will part ways with me soon and I’ll be there with you sister, complete with the b*tching about the soreness.

  4. sprogblogger

    Ooooh, I want to hear more as this program goes on! Seriously – that sounds fantastic. Maybe not so much fun right now, but it’ll sure make things more fun a few months down the road. And I think you’re really smart to get proactive now. Keep us posted!

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