Not a Great Start to Today

Ug – today was a very bad day until it wasn’t.

I was greeted at the office with a call to my boss’ office. When I sat down, he said he had hoped another person would be joining us, but she was still on the phone with HR.

I thought – oh shit – I’m being fired. I said “Oh shit, am I fired?”

My boss very quickly assured me I wasn’t – and wondered why I would think that…(duh-come to my office and let’s just wait for the person who’s been dealing with HR – what would you think?)

Well what you wouldn’t think is “We just got word that the person you work with 80% of the time has fifths disease and you need to leave right now and get to the doctor.”

Great! So first I make a pit stop at doctor google who basically tells me I have a one in ten chance of miscarriage. Then I FREAK THE FUCK OUT. Then I lose  it in the elevator. Then I head to my GP who basically makes me feel like a loser who couldn’t possibly have been infected and if I was – there’s nothing they can do to help the baby. Then I call my OB who’s receptionist makes it sound like I have the plague and need to be tested right away so they’ll pass the message on to the doc when he’s in on FRIDAY. Then I continue to freak out.

Then I email my fertility clinic (sweet, sweet clinic. how I miss never feeling like a nutcase with you) to see if by any chance they screened for immunity when they did my entry tests.

In less than 10 min they emailed back that they had screened, I am immune. There is no danger to me and certainly no danger to the Bub.

Then I started to cry all over again – in public of course – and took the rest of the day off to recover from the emotional upheaval.

Now where did I put that doppler…



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9 responses to “Not a Great Start to Today

  1. Sil

    Oh wow, what a roller coaster. How super scary. So glad you are both okay.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a freaking nightmare. I am so glad the good ol’ RE screened you. They are awfully efficient, right? (As a matter of fact, I might have to call mine tomorrow…)

    I got my doppler- LOVE it. Am addicted, like you. 😉

    Glad all is okay and Bubble is doing well!


  3. oh, holy shit. my heart almost stopped just reading this – I can’t imagine how freaked out you were. Yay for the well-prepared fertility clinic! And glad you are okay.

  4. K

    Uh, that’s enough adrenaline for one day to make you sick or at least totally messed up. Happy all is well. Good for you, taking the rest of the day off.

  5. OH geeze! Definitely not a good day. I hope tomorrow is much better for you!!

  6. nishkanu

    Holy moley, what a rollercoaster of a day! Glad everything turned out OK. Wearying though.

  7. Janice

    umm so you will sell/lend me that dopplar right? 😉

  8. Oh good lord- what a scare! I am so glad you are ok- and the bubble is safe– that sounds insane with the runaround, and praise the RE’s office for treating you like a person. SO glad you are ok.

  9. What a frightening experience. Hooray for sensible fertility clinics with compassionate staff.

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