So Long Sick All Day

Good riddance.

Still feel poorly from time to time but have had a couple of days of sweet relief from the blukkies. I guess this is the magical second trimester.

Of course, checked in with the home heart beat hearer and Bubble sounds just fine. So the end of sick is not cause for concern.

One thing I’ve found is you say good-bye to one thing and it’s hello to the next. In today’s case, new bras. Yup. With cups…the size…of my head! It’s beyond embarrassing. To prove the point of the giganticness of my new over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder I stuck it on my head. And low and behold it is totally my hat size. Granted I don’t have a huge head. But I do currently have huge kno.ckers.

And they’re still growing…


Wonder what tomorrow will bring?



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3 responses to “So Long Sick All Day

  1. So glad the sickness is easing up! It must be so amazing to cross into the second trimester, and enjoy the bit of energy. So glad Bubble is beating away, and you can relax.

    I am starting to fee less sick at just over 10w, and totally was convinced something was wrong, but u/s showed all three okay in there.

    My doppler gets here tomorrow. If you have any tips or advice on the device, could you email me? carehamilton at the hotmail site. 🙂


  2. rosesdaughter

    I feel your pain. I went up two cup sizes in the first 8 weeks. I’m scared to even think about what size i may grow to!

  3. Woah, baby! I know what you mean by the bra size thing. I’m barely 10 wks and the huge new maternity bra that I purchased no longer fits. Where will this end?!

    I guess my behind will need to grow substantially to keep the huge b**bs and triplet belly balanced. Oh joy.

    Yeah! on the bubble that keeps growing and for the sweet relief from the nausea. Congratulations on reaching the 2nd trimester. Grow, bubble, grow.

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