On the eve of Mother’s day I would like to take a minute to acknowledge some Mothers.

I want to start with all the mothers who aren’t mine but mothered me  – outside of my actual Mother. In addition to my Mom – who didn’t live with me growing up – I’d like to send Mother’s day love to my Dad, who endured far more than one Mother’s Day Tea and Mother Daughter banquet without batting an eye that he was the only man-mother there. Then my gram, my 3rd grade teacher, 4 of my friend’s Mothers who looked out for me in ways that went above and beyond, my cottage next door neighbour who ‘befriended’ me as a gangly pre-teen and walked me through adolescence without once letting on that I was a kid who needed guidance. None of these other mothers carried me  but they cared for me in a way that fills my heart with joy every year on this day.

That being said, my Mom, especially in the last 10 years has proven to be a great role model, a champion for my sucess and a good friend. Now, with Bubble on the way, I feel even more delighted by our relationship. So tomorrow I will celebrate that as well.

Speaking of Bubble – I will also take a moment to celebrate the 12 weeks of mothering I have been lucky to participate in so far – you know, rather than jumping 6 months ahead. That’s for sometime in the future. And starting now I’m going to make a point of being more grateful for todays.

I remember not participating in MD at all the past few years – averting my eyes in the shops, staying away from brunch spots…so if you’re having sunday tomorrow – just a regular sunday – I really hope the sun is shining whereever you are.

I’ll be at the Pram Push for IVF Funding – an awareness walk here in Toronto. We’re trying to get IVF covered by provinical health care. So more people can become parents without the 12-??? thousand dollar price tag. Wish us luck!


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  1. I hope you’re feeling much better and the nasty flu has gone away. Wonderful that you participated in the walk yesterday; what a great way to celebrate!

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