15 minutes

I slept 10 hours last night and it felt like 15 min. I am 69 min from 12 W and the exhaustion rages on. I wonder when those 2nd trimester feelings kick in. 13 W? 14W?

My dear blog friend Kate has just suffered a heart wrenching loss – and her post today brought tears to my eyes and made me think long and hard. I have spend the past twelve weeks tangled up in worry and fear I’m not taking the time to enjoy this process. This is likely it for me. The only pregnancy I’ll ever experience. And I spend each day willing it to hurry along.

I really hope that through the second leg of this journey I can take some time to really live in the moment. And etch on my memory how this feels. So I can think back and know I took the time know what it’s like to be pregnant – not just want to be pregnant – and then want to be done with it.

Stop by and give Kate some support if you have the chance.


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  1. Sil

    So awful for your friend. I cannot imagine. I do want to say… sometimes, we just can’t make ourselves savor the moment more. After college I was unemployed for 2 1/2 months. If I had known then that I would have a job in August, I could have enjoyed those weeks of freedom, but of course, I couldn’t. If I had known I would eventually get pregnant I could have enjoyed those days of sleeping late and tons of me time, but I couldn’t. If I had known that the babes would be born okay I could have relaxed in my TV-drenched house arrest. Oh well. I hope you can enjoy parts of pregnancy, and I do think that feeling kicks and hiccups will eventually help you connect with being pregnant, not just wanting it.

    And 12 weeks, yay!

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