200 Days

That’s how long till EBD  – estimated Bubble day. Sounds like a long time when you put it that way.

Had to work on  my “win a car” story tonight and now too tired to write.

Click here if you’d like to be amused by Ruby Cube. If not, we’ll talk more about Bubble tomorrow.

Oh – and just to update – my fetal monitor is being held hostage by Canada Post. Hopefully I’ll know more on that tomorrow too.



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2 responses to “200 Days

  1. Sil

    I was just realizing (sorry if I or someone else mentioned this before)… many women, myself included, describe first kicks as feeling like bubbles. And there you go, how appropriate. I can’t wait for you to feel those bubbles from Bubble.

  2. Yay for only 200 days! Just think about it, you started out at 280 days, so you’re WELL on your way!! I’m just barely ahead of you at 197 days left, and it’s amazing to think about. Pretty soon, we’ll be counting down the mere week or so.

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