My Dad’s Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He passed away almost 9 years ago. Not all that long before he died (he was ill and knew time wasn’t on his side) he told me he didn’t care if I was married or not, but that he’d really like to have a grandchild before he died.

My Dad loved kids. Babies, toddlers, middle schoolers. He even liked teenagers. He was a teacher, coach, mentor and protector of any child in need.

I so dearly wish he was here today to celebrate the gift I couldn’t give him when he asked me too, all those years ago.

And it so breaks my heart to know that Bubble will never have the pleasure to know him.

There’s one thing I know that makes me smile – through the resurfacing of all the grief. If he was here, having a bbq on my deck, sitting with my husband, talking about the Bubble. When he caught me alone he’d put his arm around me and say “You done good Kiddo. You done good.”

Well Dad, on your Birthday I have to say I never would have done or been anything good without you.

And I miss you very much.



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6 responses to “My Dad’s Birthday

  1. Sil

    Oh sweetie, he would be so proud of you. And what a marvelous gift to him. I hope in some way he knows.

  2. I cannot imagine the bitter feelings that come up when you think of what he is missing. I know that your Bubble will know him through the stories you share, pictures and memories. He won’t be here, but he will not be forgotten.

    I am sorry you are missing him so much- I lost someone who was like my dad two years ago and it still hurts so much to wish he was standing in my kitchen talking to me. I am thinking of you and glad that Bubble is keeping you company today.


  3. Sadly, we can’t plan the direction life leads us. I’m sure your dad is proud, wherever he is.

  4. you done good, kiddo. you really have. and even though my personal belief system is all sorts of murky, I can say, he will come to bubble through you- he will. Bubble will know him in the stories you tell and the person you are. And your dad? Know he would be proud. Anniversaries are so hard- grief comes up in big swells. I hope you are ok.

  5. becomingwhole

    I’m so sorry that you have to experience this loss again with the joy of Bubble. I’m so sorry.

  6. I’m sorry for the loss of your dad too early, and I’m also sorry that you feel badly about not having children before he passed away. Those are really hard emotions to cope with. I’m glad that you can still imagine your dad there with you, and know that he would be proud of you and so happy for you.


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