OB appointment today. And we walked away with pretty much nothing. Wouldn’t check for heartbeat for fear it’s too early and not hearing it would freak me out. Got requisition for nucal scan but isn’t for 2 weeks. Blech. HOW DO WE KNOW IT’S OK IN THERE!

Oh – and the renal monitor didn’t arrive today either.


All in all a poopy day. Topped off with dry heaving at the grocery store. Must still be something in there…



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3 responses to “Arrrgh

  1. Lame doctor’s appointment! That is why I love the safety of the RE (which I am out of now) because they are so ultrasound-happy.

    Thank god for the dry heaving. Seriously.

    Thinking of you… I know it is so hard to wait to “know” all is okay in there, but I am sure Bubble is a growing!!

  2. Oh.. sorry it didn’t go so well. Hopefully it’ll go better next time. My next appointment isn’t for another 2 weeks, and I’ll be 13.5 weeks, then, so they better check for at least a heartbeat.

    I guess we just have to be thankful for what we do get because I know most people only get one ultrasound at 20 weeks and a few heartbeat checks, that’s it. I’ve already had 3 ultrasounds and couldn’t be happier.

  3. Sorry for the appointment disappointment! I’m sure all is well with bubble…just try to stay positive and look forward to the next appt. Hang in there!

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