So, um, I’m in this contest to win a car. But I need votes. So I’m here to shamelessly ask you readers to go to the page, register ( I know it’s a lot to ask, but I can win a CAR!) and give my little page the thumbs up.

If you go tonight, you’ll see a sketchy version – the new, updated version is in ‘moderation’. Anyhoo, the whole point is to give creative Canadians the chance to prove that their creativity should be rewarded with a car.

I’m writing a little story in chapters to show off my creative panache? (not sure if it is or it’s not creative, but for a car I’ll take what I can get) – you can go here to check out the story so far. Then head here to vote. As we haven’t told more than a handful of people about the Bubble – we can’t use the “baby’s coming, need another car” line to get people to vote.

And I admit it’s likely a big pain in the ass. But if you could help a girl out – I’d really appreciate it.

In Bubble news same old, same old. Not much is new. I still feel crappy – though not necessarily as crappy as when I was on all the meds. I think I’m putting on some pounds now – I’ll hop on the scale tomorrow and check. And November is seeming a long, long, LONG way off.



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4 responses to “Shameless

  1. I was going to ask you, when is your due date? Did they give you one, yet? Are you going to be finding out the sex, when the time comes?

    Sorry if all the questions seem a little too personal, if I’m pushing, please let me know.

  2. You’re in Canada, right? I believe in Canada they only give one at 20w unless you’re high risk or there’s an issue. My due date is November 18th, and we find out the gender (baby willing) the monday after 4th of July! Hopefully with all the 4th of july treats, baby will participate.

  3. rosesdaughter

    I know, my due date is november 27th. It seems like a lifetime away.

  4. I found you through IComLeavWe..congratulations on your pregnancy! I am glad you have graduated to your OB. Your list of what to do’s with Bubble next year is perfect. I wish you the best during your pregnancy.

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