We’ve been released from the RE – and have graduated to being fully in the hands of our OB. The ulrasound today went perfectly. The Bubble is three times the size he was at the last one. His (her) heartbeat was 171 today and he measured 2.1 cm.

Doc says all looks great and we stop the estrace and the prometrium today. I wonder if that will improve my morning sickness? He also said this ultrasound could not look better.

I’ll write more later…must get to work.



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10 responses to “Graduates

  1. YAY! I told you it would be fine! Glad bubble is looking great! Did you get a pic this time? We’ve gotten one with every U/S that’s been done but our dr’s are very GOOD with making sure you get at least one picture to take home, we usually get two.

    Today’s my first OB visit and I hope it goes as well as yours!

  2. Sil

    Hip hip hooray. Such wonderful news.

  3. rosesdaughter


  4. I felt a bit better when I got to stop the extra meds; I hope that you will, too! Happy graduation day!

  5. That’s terrific news! Happy graduation!

  6. Congratulations!!!! I am so pleased for you! Happy happy happy graduation.

  7. Congrats!! Great news!! And I will be interested to hear about your post-meds morning sickness report.

  8. That’s fantastic news, congratulations!

  9. Great news! Congratulations!

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